MOISTURISE: Keep your skin hydrated this summer by moisturising without shine with MATT MOISTURISER. Oil & fragrance free with sebum absorbers that help combat areas of greasy skin, especially around the T-zone.



DAILY RECHARGE: DAILY REFRESH SHAMPOO & DAILY MOISTURISING CONDITIONER are very powerful combination to recharge the hair. Moisture and not oil is as important to hair as it is to skin – keeping hair soft, stronger & resilient.


COMBAT SUMMER SHINE: MATT ‘SKIN REFRESH’ GEL is an anti-shine & fragrance free toner gel for normal, combination and oily skin. Removes & controls excess oil to leave your visual frontline looking better for longer!


TRAVEL FRIENDLY: BUDDY TUBES are only 15ml and not only provide a great intro to quality grooming products but are also the ideal travel partner if you’re limited for space! Ultra concentrate so a little goes a long way.


HEALTHY HAIR & SCALP: The ultimate cleanser & refresher for your hair and scalp. HEALTHY HAIR & SCALP SHAMPOO is great for the removal of sweat & salt, chlorine and styling products yet fine for everyday use. Great for flaky, itchy scalp! 


SUMMER STYLE: Summer is well & truly here and with it guys are beginning to look more like our stylish, Euro neighbours, with longer flowing locks. Of course, hair takes time to grow, ask your Stylist/Barber to keep the layers tall & lean through the sides, leaving the perimeter alone and the clippers in the drawer. 


KEEP IT LIGHTWEIGHT: For these longer Summer hairstyles it’s important to use a lightweight product. Try LIQUIFFLEX which is practically weightless with great flexi-hold or SLIC (smooth leave in conditioner) a unique, desert island product based on versatility and performance.