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The first significant change to the shaving brush in 250 years and what we believe is the best shaving brush you will have ever used! Bristles are soft like badger (but definitely not badger!) with resistance to raise the beard. The non-absorbant bristles require less shave crème to generate a fine, rich lather.

synthetic bristles

  • The synthetic bristles are non-absorbent, so they need less shave crème and create a richer lather.
  • Add a little more water to the bristles after shaving and you will probably have enough lather for a second, closer shave.
  • Easier to clean the bristles and keep them clean.
  • Using the stand helps promote the longevity of the bristles and is best hygienically.


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1. Before using the brush for the first time wash with soap and water and then rinse in clean water. When you are ready to shave, immerse bristles in clean, warm water and shake off excess.

2. Apply men-ü shave crème to the side of the wet brush or in the palm of a wet hand. Generate fine, rich creamy lather and distribute about the moistened area to be shaved in a circular motion (You may need to use a little more shave crème with a new shaving brush).

3. For a really smooth feeling – shave again. There may be enough crème left on the brush (another benefit of using a good quality shaving brush) or if not, just add a little more shave crème.

4. Rinse the brush in clean water after use and shake off excess (don’t use water that is too hot or leave in water). Always dry your brush by hanging on the stand provided. The bristles should always dry down and away from the handle as this helps promote the longevity of the bristles and is most hygienic.

• Comes with own chrome stand and FREE SHAVE CRÈME buddy tube 15ml (up to 20 shaves!)
• Available in Black, Blue, Red & White