The best advice we can offer to guys during the autumn months with wind & the onset of harsher temperatures is to develop their daily routine for the skin with these 3 easy steps: Deep cleanse with HEALTHY FACIAL WASH, tone with MATT ‘SKIN REFRESH’ GEL & moisturise with MATT MOISTURISER.

On particularly harsh, cold and windy days, keep a travel sized amount of  MATT MOISTURISER buddy tube 15ml in your work bag and apply 2-3 times a day for long term protection.



As the onset of Autumn edges ever closer it is important to maintain your shampoo and conditioner routine. Whatever the season, your hair and scalp needs cleansing on a daily basis. Product build up can cause havoc in the colder months with hats and hoods accelerating pore blocking on the scalp. Keep your scalp cleansed with DAILY REFRESH SHAMPOO and the hair stronger with DAILY MOISTURISING CONDITIONER.


If showering is your main hygiene & personal care regime for the body (often twice a day), why would you not want this to be an efficacious & enjoyable experience? Two great fragrances available BLACK PEPPER & BERGAMOT SHOWER GEL & CITRUS & MINT SHOWER GEL both available in 500ml “shower tank”.


If you look closely at men, and we do! You’ll notice the emergence of the clean shaven well groomed male, minus the beard! Use this the time to lose your beard as an excuse to visit your stylist/barber to have a quality shave/facial and receive the right shaving advice. Failing that, here’s a couple of tips to get you grooming.

Step 1. Clipper the beard as close to the skin as possible. This will stop your razor clogging and dragging across the skin.

Step 2. Use a quality PRO BLACK shaving brush and SHAVE CRÈME to stimulate the facial hair and to aid a smoother shave.


Autumn and winter is the perfect time to experiment with just a little more hair than you have in the summer. Ask your stylist to allow the hair to grow slightly but to add texture and movement to add style and definition. Longer textured hair is an autumnal contrast to the summers scalp exposed high faded clipper looks and adds to that lighter casual feel.

Finish this off with CLAY for a medium hold & matt finish, then get ready to brave the cold outdoors!